What we do

We build climate-resistant houses and more from PET bottles in The Gambia. This creates jobs and prospects. Our architect proves the sustainability of the construction method in his bachelor thesis. 

Climate protection, sustainability and empowerment at the same level. For a collective future. 

Community Center

We own a piece of land in Sukuta/Gambia on which a small neem tree grows. This tree is the symbol of our project because it has so many uses and The Neem Tree Yard e.V. brings with it just as many possibilities for the development of potential. We are building a house and a community centre out of PET bottles to turn the plastic waste problem into a solution, to try out and develop new sustainable ways to enable sustainable lifestyles for people who are even more disadvantaged by the pandemic than before. We want to create opportunities, show perspectives and offer a global togetherness at eye level for all actors.

In addition to the house made of PET bottles and the bottle garden, a community centre is being built on our premises in Sukuta/Gambia. Here, people from the surrounding area will have the opportunity to develop and try out their own projects. The Community Centre is to be a place of encounter, and an exchange with other sustainable projects from other African countries is planned. The infrastructure in The Gambia is disastrous. This applies to almost all areas. The education and health systems are also problematic and access to knowledge and information is severely limited, especially for young people. We want to remedy this and provide a place for potential to develop, thereby also reducing the causes of flight.

Bottle Garden

Vertical gardens made of PET bottles now exist all over the world. This simple and inexpensive technology is also a real option for The Gambia. With only a few tools, people can plant fruit and vegetables in a very small space. 

In The Gambia, people are not starving. But they are malnourished, especially children. Fruit and vegetables are very expensive and unaffordable for many Gambians. The bottle garden is one approach to counteracting this deplorable state of affairs. 

But vertical gardens made from PET bottles have even more advantages:

- They are very space-saving and can be installed easily and without prior knowledge and many tools.

- Whether indoors or outdoors: the greenery provides a pleasant coolness and has an insulating effect.

- Installing, maintaining and harvesting a vertical garden is back-friendly and extremely easy. 

- The cultivation is organic, as no pesticides are needed. The plastic bottles protect the plants from pests.

- In addition to PET bottles, old buckets, plastic pipes, etc. can also be used. 

- Instead of polluting the environment, existing resources are used and nature is conserved. 

- Green plants have a positive influence on the climate. The population of The Gambia is growing steadily and in urban areas air pollution is problematic. Bottle gardens can help to make the air cleaner and life more pleasant in heavily populated areas, for example by binding fine dust.

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